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Jun 302014

For quite some time I’ve been hearing Them mutter about “walking him off-lead”. This sounded good, but was almost always followed up with “but not here” or “but not today” or “too many children/dogs/people/rivers/barbed wire/poo to eat”. Which I think is a touch harsh, but what can you do?

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Oh my, oh my, oh my: catch-up time

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Jun 132014

I have been most neglectful of you, dear reader, for which I am truly ashamed. Life, however, has continued in many and varied ways.

Since I was last able to sneak some computer time I have:

  • been on holiday
  • been very poorly sick, thus ending the holiday
  • seen The Vet lots (hurrah! Still love The Vet!)
  • lost weight
  • put weight back on
  • had a birthday
  • discovered a number of new walks
  • decided that if other dogs and people won’t play with me I shall bark at them until they do. So there
  • re-instated the fine art of the full body floor cuddle

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