Batteries Not Included

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May 042017

These are not required for normal operation of your BMD


Sometimes I worry about my Humans, I really do. I mean, you think they’re doing quite well, and settling in. Everything’s going OK. Most of their bizarre and erratic behaviours start to tail off. And then they just go utterly weird on you.

A couple of weeks ago mine suddenly went from their (contextual baseline) normal selves into right oddballs.

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Oh my, oh my, oh my: catch-up time

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Jun 132014

I have been most neglectful of you, dear reader, for which I am truly ashamed. Life, however, has continued in many and varied ways.

Since I was last able to sneak some computer time I have:

  • been on holiday
  • been very poorly sick, thus ending the holiday
  • seen The Vet lots (hurrah! Still love The Vet!)
  • lost weight
  • put weight back on
  • had a birthday
  • discovered a number of new walks
  • decided that if other dogs and people won’t play with me I shall bark at them until they do. So there
  • re-instated the fine art of the full body floor cuddle

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Splish Splash (or Bathtime Sucks)

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Oct 252013
I. Want. Out

I. Want. Out

Swines. Utter, utter, swines.

I thought today was going to be a Good Day. He stayed at home, and it’s not even the weekend. Everything was calm and lovely. They even deliberately left the stair gate open. I should have spotted something was up when I got upstairs and all the doors were closed. And She was waiting in extra scruffy clothes. But no, trusting soul that I am I trot into the only room I can and sit down for a treat.

Apparently I was wrong. What happened next was scarring, scarring I say.

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Aug 092013

I’ve been in my new home for nearly 48 hours now, and an awful lot has changed already.

Absolutely sparked out

Absolutely sparked out

It’s probably a little early for too much reflection, but my first night here was pretty flipping intense, it has to be said. Late night car rides, strange people, strange smells, strange places. Even strange grass for the toilet. I definitely had a bit of a wussy freak-out overnight, and was quite glad to be able to crash next to Him on the sofa. I don’t think either of us got much sleep, although it has to be said the following morning I was much more content, as the rather indiscreet snapshot shows (sorry folks, NSFW really, but I can’t help it, I was papped).

Later that day I got to meet some more family, although the cat I think I live with has been strangely absent. Seems a bit standoffish, I have to say.

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