Pins and Needles

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Aug 302013

I have been noticing the word “vet” creeping into Their conversation throughout the week, and was beginning to get mildly concerned. Last time I went it seemed OK, but the word carries undercurrents and connotations that make the ears twitch somewhat.

I know that The Cat (who is still unreasonably stand-offish, I have to say) occasionally goes there, but as he’s not talking to me I wasn’t able to get any serious info. Then this morning, just because I was a tiny bit frolicsome in the garden, He muttered something about “vet”, “one way trip”, and joining “Indy in the box in the cupboard”. Can’t say I understood much of it, but it did sound rather ominous.

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Bad To The Bone

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Aug 282013

One for the roadMa-naa-na-n-na <ba-boom-ty-boom>
Ma-naa-na-n-na <ba-boom-ty-boom> …

On the day I was born … well, actually, I have no idea what the nurse said. Probably “Aww, how cute”. It’s an easy mistake to make.

When I have visitors I am Perfect Pup. I greet them shyly, make friends, then settle down to gentle play or a solid snooze, cementing my image as That Beautiful Well-Behaved Dog.

This is mere deception.

When the last guest waves good-bye; when the heavens open and the rain pours down; when the door shuts and leaves me alone with Them; then, I am … Hell Beast!

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The time’s they are a-changin’

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Aug 232013

Nothing lasts forever, it would seem.

In my youthful naivety I appear to have sleep-walked into a false understanding of How Things Are. My initial plan was a good one, or so I thought: arrive; pretend to be a bit disoriented and distressed at loss of family; use this as a cover to establish a regime of biting, nipping, and the world revolving around me (i.e. communicate the natural order of things); gradually extend the reach of my Iron Paw until all bowed before me and Feared My Mighty Power.

Well, the wheels haven’t entirely come off the wagon, but the axle sounds to be cracking, let’s just put it that way.

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On Toys

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Aug 172013
Red Bone!

Red Bone!

I keep being told I’m not interested in toys. I’m not sure that means what They think it means. If it means that I love my toys lots and lots, and enjoy playing with all of them, then They’re right! Otherwise, I think they may be a little confused. Again.

Whatever, today I want to share with you the Joy of Toys. When you haven’t got a mum and sister to play with anymore, you need something. Toys are my something, and I love them.

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Guest Blog: The Feline Perspective

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Aug 152013


I’ve been approached for my perspective on the whole Dog Situation or, as I refer to it, The Current Unpleasantness.

This distinguishes it from The Previous Unpleasantness when, innocent and beautiful, I came home to find another cat in my house. A situation which The Fat One and She Who Vacuums have only recently rectified, some 13 years later. Not good enough. Not remotely good enough.

It would seem the best way to convey my feelings on The Current Unpleasantness is to allow a rare glimpse into extracts from my personal journal. These are, you understand, intensely private; as a result some elements have been redacted, although the meaning remains intact.

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