On training humans: progress report

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Aug 152013

One week in, and I’m very pleased to say that there’s been some real progress. A lot of work still to be done, of course, but I seem to be slowly bending Them to my will.

Here are some of the things learnt in the last seven days.

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Slugs, snails, puppy dog tails

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Aug 112013

Well, this place certainly seems to be a hot bed of social intercourse. I’m really not sure I can stand the pace. I feel like I’m stuck in some kind of low-rent Oscar Wilde play; it’s one engagement after another, in a whirl of coming and going, with much said to little purpose!

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Aug 092013

I’ve been in my new home for nearly 48 hours now, and an awful lot has changed already.

Absolutely sparked out

Absolutely sparked out

It’s probably a little early for too much reflection, but my first night here was pretty flipping intense, it has to be said. Late night car rides, strange people, strange smells, strange places. Even strange grass for the toilet. I definitely had a bit of a wussy freak-out overnight, and was quite glad to be able to crash next to Him on the sofa. I don’t think either of us got much sleep, although it has to be said the following morning I was much more content, as the rather indiscreet snapshot shows (sorry folks, NSFW really, but I can’t help it, I was papped).

Later that day I got to meet some more family, although the cat I think I live with has been strangely absent. Seems a bit standoffish, I have to say.

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Aug 082013
Crate of Doom

My bed, allegedly

Overnight I have discovered that the two-legs have names, as, apparently, do I. They also have some very strange ideas about what constitutes a proper bed. Me, I’m quite happy with a bit of floor. A bit of floor of my choosing, I might add. They, however, think I should be sleeping in that thing in the photo.

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Life in the fast lane

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Aug 082013

Oh my good golly goodness. Too new, too much, too quickly.

The two-leg pack-mates I’ve met a couple of times turned up at home tonight, and I got to go in the Big Room. Not been in there before, so that was quite daunting. Then I found the cat’s toy – Ha! It squeaks! Mine now! Stole that. The two-legged ones were fussing about stuff, but it didn’t sound very interesting. Next thing I know Bam! Airborne! And being carried out of the front door – that’s new, too. Lots of new.

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