May 222017

Well, there’s exciting! It appears my fame knows no limits. As is right and proper. Although probably best to draw a veil over being famed as “the slightly mental broken Bernese”. Because that’s just rude. But hey, any publicity, as they say!

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. How have I become aware of my burgeoning reputation? I hear you ask, dear reader. Well, here’s the thing.

Last night I’m minding my own business, and They are cooking when the doorbell goes. On a Sunday! I ask you! Not thrown at all by this unexpected turn of events, I instantly alert Them to the fact that the doorbell has rung by barking. A lot. And jumping up and down. A lot. And barking. A lot. I find I have to do this regularly, as Their weedy human ears may miss the doorbell, and that could have consequences.

But I digress. He shuts me in the dining room behind the funny see-through door (which is still something of an affront, I might add) and opens the door to a lady and a ME! An actual other ME! On my doorstep. Looking like … well, looking like ME! Or at least, a younger me. How quickly we become old, and suffer the tyranny of society’s obsession with youth.

But I digress once more. The lady and the other ME come in, and I am released.

The other ME is called Marvin. Not sure if that’s Hank, the Martian, or the Android, but either way, it’s quite a cool name. He’s only 5 and a half months old, but we had an excellent time running around the house, then there was some shouting about “knitting” or somesuch and then we had an even better time running around the garden.

Marvin and I were both very excited to play together. Very excited. Very very. Very very very. Possibly too excited, because Marvin’s Lady and Him and Her kept apologising to each other, and making off-colour remarks regarding our respective sexualities. Flippin’ cheek.

Eventually Marvin had to go home, which was a shame, as we hadn’t finished rough’n’tumbling by quite some margin. I hope he visits again. Maybe then They’ll think about taking some photos instead of rolling their eyes and pulling us apart every 10 seconds. Although I did need to lie on the kitchen floor panting for 30 minutes afterwards, and lacked the energy to climb on the sofa later that evening.

Still, I like Marvin. The world needs more MEs in it, especially unexpected drop-in guest ones.

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