All things are edible

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Jul 152015

I, Chef Gibson, continue on my mission to demonstrate that there is virtually nothing that cannot be eaten. Or at least given a good go, with or without condiments.

My culinary adventures have been relatively limited in recent weeks, but yesterday I felt the urge to branch out onto new trails and indulged myself with a few quick mouthfuls of someone else’s vomit. Sadly, just as I was starting to fully appreciate the complex flavours and really tuck in, She spotted me and pulled me away. There is no justice, no understanding of the needs and drives of the true epicure.

Still, it’s a little something that I can add to my¬†list of experimental cuisine, complementing delicately some long-standing favourites such as poo (mine), poo (other dogs), poo (cat), poo (hedgehog); poo (bags); sticks; stones; acorns; paper; remote controls (various); grass; daffodils (poisonous, who knew?); bark (tree, not dog, obvs!); unripe blueberries (stolen); and assorted garden plants whilst helping with pruning.

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Jul 132015

I thought I had life sussed out, and got Them more or less where I wanted Them, but it appears there is more work to be done.

Friday started well, albeit a touch delayed compared to normal. Despite that, I got my pre-breakfast walk, breakfast, fuss, and the bonus of Him apparently staying home for the day. Things really looked up when I got a Proper Long Walk mid-morning, even if it was so hot I had to be taken through the river twice and be given a drink break part-way round.

Then it all went downhill …

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Summer: the season of mixed blessings

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Jul 062015

So, summer. Blue skies, sunshine, happy Owners willing to go on good long walks. Hurrah for summer.

Apart, that is, from heat.

Heat, sapper of oomph, cause of panting, destroyer of walks and all enjoyment.

I don’t care if He is carrying a magic drinking thing for me. I don’t care if She is carrying reserve water to top it up when it runs out. Basically, I just don’t care. Because it’s hot.

Still, at least it’s fairly cool in the office.

Too hot to care

Too hot to care

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