Splish Splash (or Bathtime Sucks)

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Oct 252013
I. Want. Out

I. Want. Out

Swines. Utter, utter, swines.

I thought today was going to be a Good Day. He stayed at home, and it’s not even the weekend. Everything was calm and lovely. They even deliberately left the stair gate open. I should have spotted something was up when I got upstairs and all the doors were closed. And She was waiting in extra scruffy clothes. But no, trusting soul that I am I trot into the only room I can and sit down for a treat.

Apparently I was wrong. What happened next was scarring, scarring I say.

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Tuesday Night Music Puppy Club

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Oct 022013

Last night was my first proper go at puppy classes. Silly name really, I already know exactly how to be a puppy, but what can you do?

It was all enormous fun, although ever-so stressful. I met Daisy, Monty, Rollo, Hugo and Harley again; they were a bit less intimidating this time, although Harley is a bit full-on. Oscar wasn’t around, not sure what he was up to. Still, there was plenty to do. And it turns out I don’t know how to sit!

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