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Jun 302014

For quite some time I’ve been hearing Them mutter about “walking him off-lead”. This sounded good, but was almost always followed up with “but not here” or “but not today” or “too many children/dogs/people/rivers/barbed wire/poo to eat”. Which I think is a touch harsh, but what can you do?

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Life in the fast lane

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Aug 082013

Oh my good golly goodness. Too new, too much, too quickly.

The two-leg pack-mates I’ve met a couple of times turned up at home tonight, and I got to go in the Big Room. Not been in there before, so that was quite daunting. Then I found the cat’s toy – Ha! It squeaks! Mine now! Stole that. The two-legged ones were fussing about stuff, but it didn’t sound very interesting. Next thing I know Bam! Airborne! And being carried out of the front door – that’s new, too. Lots of new.

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