An Unexpected Guest

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May 222017

Well, there’s exciting!┬áIt appears my fame knows no limits. As is right and proper. Although probably best to draw a veil over being famed as “the slightly mental broken Bernese”. Because that’s just rude. But hey, any publicity, as they say!

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. How have I become aware of my burgeoning reputation? I hear you ask, dear reader. Well, here’s the thing.

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The Importance of Lead Etiquette

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Sep 152013
My lead

My lead

I am coming to understand that The Lead is a very important item, and carries with it a host of complex social and behavioural obligations. My early experiences were decidedly mixed, but They have persevered, and I think I’m getting it now. One can say a lot with a lead.

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Bad To The Bone

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Aug 282013

One for the roadMa-naa-na-n-na <ba-boom-ty-boom>
Ma-naa-na-n-na <ba-boom-ty-boom> …

On the day I was born … well, actually, I have no idea what the nurse said. Probably “Aww, how cute”. It’s an easy mistake to make.

When I have visitors I am Perfect Pup. I greet them shyly, make friends, then settle down to gentle play or a solid snooze, cementing my image as That Beautiful Well-Behaved Dog.

This is mere deception.

When the last guest waves good-bye; when the heavens open and the rain pours down; when the door shuts and leaves me alone with Them; then, I am … Hell Beast!

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Here we are now, entertain us

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Jun 092013
Gibson at 1 week

Escape bid interrupted by emergency snooze

Bam! Here I am! All a bit traumatic, but today I have mostly been being born. Awesome.

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