The time’s they are a-changin’

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Aug 232013

Nothing lasts forever, it would seem.

In my youthful naivety I appear to have sleep-walked into a false understanding of How Things Are. My initial plan was a good one, or so I thought: arrive; pretend to be a bit disoriented and distressed at loss of family; use this as a cover to establish a regime of biting, nipping, and the world revolving around me (i.e. communicate the natural order of things); gradually extend the reach of my Iron Paw until all bowed before me and Feared My Mighty Power.

Well, the wheels haven’t entirely come off the wagon, but the axle sounds to be cracking, let’s just put it that way.

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Guest Blog: The Feline Perspective

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Aug 152013


I’ve been approached for my perspective on the whole Dog Situation or, as I refer to it, The Current Unpleasantness.

This distinguishes it from The Previous Unpleasantness when, innocent and beautiful, I came home to findĀ another cat inĀ my house. A situation which The Fat One and She Who Vacuums have only recently rectified, some 13 years later. Not good enough. Not remotely good enough.

It would seem the best way to convey my feelings on The Current Unpleasantness is to allow a rare glimpse into extracts from my personal journal. These are, you understand, intensely private; as a result some elements have been redacted, although the meaning remains intact.

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