Batteries Not Included

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May 042017

These are not required for normal operation of your BMD


Sometimes I worry about my Humans, I really do. I mean, you think they’re doing quite well, and settling in. Everything’s going OK. Most of their bizarre and erratic behaviours start to tail off. And then they just go utterly weird on you.

A couple of weeks ago mine suddenly went from their (contextual baseline) normal selves into right oddballs.

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Jul 132015

I thought I had life sussed out, and got Them more or less where I wanted Them, but it appears there is more work to be done.

Friday started well, albeit a touch delayed compared to normal. Despite that, I got my pre-breakfast walk, breakfast, fuss, and the bonus of Him apparently staying home for the day. Things really looked up when I got a Proper Long Walk mid-morning, even if it was so hot I had to be taken through the river twice and be given a drink break part-way round.

Then it all went downhill …

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Splish Splash (or Bathtime Sucks)

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Oct 252013
I. Want. Out

I. Want. Out

Swines. Utter, utter, swines.

I thought today was going to be a Good Day. He stayed at home, and it’s not even the weekend. Everything was calm and lovely. They even deliberately left the stair gate open. I should have spotted something was up when I got upstairs and all the doors were closed. And She was waiting in extra scruffy clothes. But no, trusting soul that I am I trot into the only room I can and sit down for a treat.

Apparently I was wrong. What happened next was scarring, scarring I say.

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The time’s they are a-changin’

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Aug 232013

Nothing lasts forever, it would seem.

In my youthful naivety I appear to have sleep-walked into a false understanding of How Things Are. My initial plan was a good one, or so I thought: arrive; pretend to be a bit disoriented and distressed at loss of family; use this as a cover to establish a regime of biting, nipping, and the world revolving around me (i.e. communicate the natural order of things); gradually extend the reach of my Iron Paw until all bowed before me and Feared My Mighty Power.

Well, the wheels haven’t entirely come off the wagon, but the axle sounds to be cracking, let’s just put it that way.

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