Oct 022013

Last night was my first proper go at puppy classes. Silly name really, I already know exactly how to be a puppy, but what can you do?

It was all enormous fun, although ever-so stressful. I met Daisy, Monty, Rollo, Hugo and Harley again; they were a bit less intimidating this time, although Harley is a bit full-on. Oscar wasn’t around, not sure what he was up to. Still, there was plenty to do. And it turns out I don’t know how to sit!

It's sitting, right?

It’s sitting, right?

I thought I’d been doing OK – bum on the deck, how hard can it be, right? And They thought I’d been doing OK too. But no, apparently you have to sit on the left, facing the same way. Not in front, looking up. Who knew?

Luckily He only had his phone, and didn’t want to use the flash in case he got in trouble, so the evidence is almost deniable. And you will note that some of my classmates are not even sitting at all! But did they get in trouble, eh? Well, actually, yes, they did, but that’s not the point. Deeming my excellent sits to be sub-standard is an outrage not to be borne.

I was absolutely knackered by the end of it all. Didn’t really seem like we did much: sit, down, stay, walk – all stuff I’m used to  – but man was  I feeling it. It’s a good gig though. Do all this stuff, have a bit of fun, and get fed a bit of sausage every 10 seconds for an hour. Reckon I can live with that, even if it does mean sleeping the rest of the evening away whilst waiting for bed time.

And Gwen said I did “exceptionally well” considering it was my first class. Obviously there’s no way she’d say that just to butter me up and make sure I’ll go back. I am clearly an exceptional being, and she acknowledges this, as is only proper. It is nice to be recognised so readily.

Roll on next week!

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