Sep 182013

Well, there you go. Managed to get Them to owner classes last night; I think it was a fairly satisfactory start. She looked a bit nervous, but settled down after a while and mixed well with the others. He was a bit of a pain – kept stopping me sniffing in interesting places – but hopefully the trainer will work on that.

I have to say, I didn’t realise there would be other dogs there. Should have thought it through, as it was a bit off-putting. Watching them try to bring their owners into line was quite interesting, but they did keep insisting on coming to see me. Could have done without that, quite frankly, but it wasn’t that bad. Hammed it up a bit just to make Them feel sorry for me; you never know when a bit of extra sympathy might turn into bonus treats or letting you get away with things, after all.

Overall a positive evening, albeit quite tiring – definitely needed some crash time when we all got home. That notwithstanding, I have high hopes that it will sort Them out once we start going regularly.

Oh, and the best bit? Sneaking out a couple of truly ripe farts which panicked the trainer; I think she thought I was going to do a poo (and I could have been forgiven, the number of times people said “poo” – Cockapoo this, Cockapoo that) but I was merely letting off steam. As it were.

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