Aug 112013

Well, this place certainly seems to be a hot bed of social intercourse. I’m really not sure I can stand the pace. I feel like I’m stuck in some kind of low-rent Oscar Wilde play; it’s one engagement after another, in a whirl of coming and going, with much said to little purpose!

Today, between bouts of professional-quality sleeping, I found out what two-leg puppies are like. Most strange, but quite good fun.

Inter-species puppy gatheringI wasn’t too sure when they first arrived, but after a long restorative snooze whilst they left me alone (score!) I wandered out into the garden to see what all the fuss was about.

Puppy playTurns out my initial suspicions were ill-founded. They’d brought me a present (as is my natural due, although it’s amazing how often this goes unnoticed). And it was an ace present – a big squeaky bone. It’s a little weird, but I had a good time squeaking it with them in the sunshine.

So, a bit of a win all round. Lots of sleep, lots of fun, new friends and a new toy. And to cap it all, I managed to confound Them – both of Them thought I was going to hate my present, but I don’t. So there!

Me and HerIn fact the whole afternoon was only really marred by Her not letting me get at the blueberries. She keeps banging on and on about “the net” and “you can’t get through the net” and “the net’s there precisely to keep things out”, Well, I can assure you that a) the net can be chewed until it gives up and b) if you just pile through regardless, things will probably come good. Sadly despite many, many attempts I didn’t get to successfully demonstrate either point, but instead was repeatedly distracted or pulled away. Most inconvenient, especially when I’m only trying to help pick the things.

On the domestic front, it appears that The Cat is beginning to start to think about considering coming to meet me at some point in the maybe future. I hope he does, as I’d love to make friends, but every time I go to say hello he runs off to places I’m not allowed.

Some people are very strange.

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