Aug 152013

One week in, and I’m very pleased to say that there’s been some real progress. A lot of work still to be done, of course, but I seem to be slowly bending Them to my will.

Here are some of the things learnt in the last seven days.

Crate #1
If you put me in, you have to let me out again! I had to howl and fuss quite a lot to get them to realise this, but they mostly seem to have worked it out now. I’m still making sure they get enough reminders that they don’t forget, mind you.

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Upside down time!

Crate #2
People who put me in a crate at night time absolutely must let me out in the morning. I can’t quite believe just how much effort I had to put into getting this across; you’d have thought it would be obvious. I can only assume that both Him and Her are a bit slow. They continue to show good progress, which is encouraging. No morning’s missed so far, but I don’t want them to start slipping after a good start.

I fear I may be losing this one. Despite my best efforts, They seem oblivious to the critical importance of chewing all things, including Them, as often as possible. I find myself gradually capitulating to their frankly absurd¬†aversion to chewing and beginning to conform to Their strange preference. I suppose one must pick one’s battles. Perhaps this is one I can give them.

Toilet Requests
Definitely more work to be done here. By and large I’m managing to get them to let me out as needed, but they do seem very dense about my quite stunningly unambiguous requests. It seems They are a little slow. I shall have to be more obvious until I find Their level.

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At last, a decent cuddle

Finally! At long last They have realised that I like proper cuddles. I expect to train them to spend much more time on the floor with me.

Possibly my greatest failure. It is impossible to convey the importance of eating bark, stones, weeds and indeed anything that can be found in the garden. I do not know how I am going to get through to them on this.

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Me and my red Bone of Squeaking

A definite success. After a poor start, They have finally realised I like toys, and I now have a suitable selection to choose from. I occasionally have a sneaking suspicion that They use the toys to stop me doing other things I want to do but, you know, toys!

Overall, not bad. They bring me food and toys at appropriate intervals. I am let out. There is substantial play. On balance They are doing well, considering how little time I have had to work with them. Yet there is clearly much still to be achieved.

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