Aug 302013

I have been noticing the word “vet” creeping into Their conversation throughout the week, and was beginning to get mildly concerned. Last time I went it seemed OK, but the word carries undercurrents and connotations that make the ears twitch somewhat.

I know that The Cat (who is still unreasonably stand-offish, I have to say) occasionally goes there, but as he’s not talking to me I wasn’t able to get any serious info. Then this morning, just because I was a tiny bit frolicsome in the garden, He muttered something about “vet”, “one way trip”, and joining “Indy in the box in the cupboard”. Can’t say I understood much of it, but it did sound rather ominous.

Anyway, turns out what they actually meant was Road Trip! And I got to sit in the boot all on my own, with toys and treats and everything! All very exciting, but I didn’t let Them know that. Just had a little lie down and played it cool. Cracked a bit when waiting – abandoned in the car with just Her for company, and I saw another dog. First other dog I’ve seen in weeks! The car appears to be made of quite strong stuff, though, so was unable to get out and say hello properly. Had to make do with shouting and waving a bit.

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This lady stuck a pin in me!

Eventually He came back and carried me in (do they not realise I can walk?) and lots of people went “Ahhhhhhhhhh” in a very strange way. Weird. And I met Emily.

She was really great, but when I noticed They were going to take a photo of me sitting pretty and friendly, I decided to make it look good for the camera. Cruelty! Cruelty! See how they mistreat me! &c. &c. (exit, pursued by veterinarian).

Total fiction of course; the worst thing was the amount of yapping They did. Ended up almost nodding off until eventually Emily remembered I was still there (They had clearly forgotten, despite Him stroking me absentmindedly). She gave me treats, told me how great I was, stuck a flipping PIN IN ME! and then showed me off to everyone else who was there (quite right too).

On balance I have decided to forgive her for the pin thing. Not least because she has the most biggest box of liver treats I have ever seen. Makes Their one look puny, and I’m considering putting in for a transfer if those are the fringe benefits.

The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful – back in the car (boring now), home for a huge wee (going to have to see about getting toilet rights somewhere else at this rate), and eventually got my somewhat delayed Second Breakfast whilst She fussed about something called “visitors” coming. Hey ho.

Life lesson: people are great, especially people with liver treats, even if they do stab you with a pointy thing.

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