Sep 062013

I like weekends. Weekends are great. At weekends He is around a bit more, which means more pack time. Although I’m not entirely sure exactly how big our pack is, to be honest.

Most of them time it seems it’s just Her, Him, and me. Which is fine, if a bit weedy. But there’s also this old grey muzzle who shows up from time to time (I like biting her legs), and loads of other random folk who seem to come and go.

Last weekend I thought we’d actually found two new full-time pack-mates. Turned out they were just passing through though. It’s nice, but a bit confusing. I’d only just got used to them still being here in the morning, and then they weren’t. Not sure I’ll ever get the hang of this.

It was good though – loads more play time, and I won a new toy and some marvelous treats. Absolutely no idea what the hell they were, but they tasted great. I have a sneaking suspicion that some are being kept from me “for later”. A concept of which I do not entirely approve.

Anyway, as this weekend approaches, my hopes are nicely up. I hear tell that we’re having more visitors, and that one of them “isn’t entirely sure about dogs”. Ha! Let’s see what we can do with that

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