Mar 222014

There are many good things in life. People; other dogs; cats; walks; toys; food; barking; sleeping; car trips; The Vet; eating poo … the list is almost endless. Sometimes, though you get to take two or more good things and put them together!

Putting one good thing with another good thing creates a Super Good Thing. Super Good Things are really rather special. For example, if you combine Outside, Blue Ball and People you get Immense Fun. And some slobber.

One of my most recent Super Good Things is this:

Toys for food!

Toys for food!

Quite frankly, it’s brilliant. All you need is one of Them to load it up with food (normal or treats, I’m not proud) and then you get: People; Toy; Brain Workout; and Food. All together. At the same time. In a rush. Woo-hop!

Technically it’s not actually mine – it was a birthday present for Her from two of Her friends (another Her and Him). She never seems to play with it though, and I hate to see it go to waste.

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