Jan 152014

And what have I done?

Well, Christmas Day I ate a nappy sack (again). Go me! Although apparently everyone else thought this was a bad thing, I thought it was hilarious. Still not entirely sure what the muttered imprecations from Him meant as He chased me round the garden. Something about “Not spending another chuffing Christmas at the RVC“, whatever that is. Anyway, result, started the day with a chase, and then it got even better …

… when a giant, animated chew-toy walked downstairs shortly after breakfast! How cool is that? I was really getting quite excited by this whole Christmas thing by now, although it turned out that this wasn’t a present for me, just Her sister. In a furry onesie. Made out of the same fur they use on my chew-toys. How was I supposed to know? Unfortunately no-one had the presence of mind to take a picture, because only a few minutes later my new chew-toy went back upstairs and came down more conventionally attired, and only moderately mauled.


The rest of the day seemed to revolve around me being told to get out of the way a lot, and a couple of short walks at critical points. Both Him and Her maintained these weren’t tactical, but I have my suspicions. I also learnt a whole new set of things that I’m not allowed to eat: wrapping paper, presents, turkey, Christmas pudding, Their parents, Her sister, Christmas cards, tags, sellotape, bin liners, decorations, the dining table, in fact pretty much everything. Which was dull.

Overall it was quite good though, and it was definitely fun having the pack expanded for a few days. And despite what They thought, I knew. I was just faking surprise when extra people appeared each morning. It’s not as if I’m stupid.

Shut up.

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