Oct 062014

Just a quick update to say what an absolutely fantastic weekend I’ve had!

Excellent fun and games with Julie on Saturday. They kept saying that it was training, but all I know is I had a marvelous time and got a right belly full of treats.

Followed it up with an outrageously exciting afternoon on Sunday with Del, when we went to some of my favourite places and larked about for a couple of hours. Didn’t much rate the headroom in his car, but humongous fun running about in fields, trees and undergrowth. Del spent a lot of time being quite boring, if I’m honest; he seemed more interested in faffing with his camera equipment. But it didn’t really matter, as I got to tear the place up and another belly full of treats!

I remain firmly convinced that there is no connection whatsoever with all of this excitement and treats, and me having the epic squits last night. None at all. I don’t care what They say, They’re wrong.

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