Sep 172013

The thing about Life is, it’s full of opportunities for fun. You have to remember this, otherwise it can really bring you down. Everywhere you go, look for fun. If you can’t find fun, wind someone up until it becomes fun. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can happen.

In the last week or two I have discovered rain. You’re probably already familiar with this, but in case you’re not, it’s basically just water that falls out of the sky in lots of tiny bits. Don’t know why, don’t know how, don’t really much care. Whatever, it’s nothing to be bothered about, although it does seem to bring Them down a bit. Me, I think rain’s basically OK. Not least because if it hadn’t been for rain, I may never have discovered towels.

Towels are the business!

Pre-rain, coming back in was quite boring. Come in, sit down, get treat. All very pedestrian. Post-rain, oh boy!

Coming in post-rain involves compulsory wrestling with a towel. It’s awesome! You can even sneak in a load of little bites if you’re clever. So you have this great big wrestle, you get to rip up a towel (and ripping up towels is even better than ripping up vet bed or trousers, I can tell you), and sometimes They are so relieved to get the towel back of you that you still get a treat! How cool is that?!

Not only is it cool in its own right, the first couple of times were a real learning opportunity too. I finally understood what the funny things hanging off the wall in the kitchen were. They were towels! And in these little pop-out things! Convenient dispensers! Even if it hasn’t been raining I can nip into the kitchen, take one down, and run all over the house showing everyone how to play the “dry up whilst evading capture” game. A useful life skill, I think you’ll all agree.

Towel StorageWell, I hope you agree. They don’t seem to, as They have now relocated the towels to somewhere else. This is because They have no sense of fun. No matter, there are loads of other things to do for fun, and I’ve now worked out where they stash the Rain Towel; when they’ve forgotten, I’ll pop back for that.

So remember: always look for the fun, otherwise you’ll end up grumpy and tired like Them. You don’t want to be like Them. They’re no fun. No fun at all.

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